Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pet Foundry blogging carnival - September. Addons!

Rez from the Warcraft Pet Foundry has decided to start his own Pet Battle based blogging carnival. This months topic is Pet Battle addons.

Two of my biggest flaws are my memory (or lack there of) and lazieness. Team those together with Pet battle tamer daily quests and You've got a recipe for disaster!

I don't do my pet battle dailies every day unless I'm really focused on leveling a specific pet or I'm low on bandages. This is party due to being lazy and party due to not remembering to do them with so many other things to do! So when it comes time for me to do them I've usually forgotten which pet's I'd previously used to beat each of the tamers with. This is where Pet Battle Teams steps in.

This is an amazing addon which attaches itself to the side of your Pet Journal allowing you to create your own teams and give them names. This is awesome not only for the tamer dailies but also for easily switching teams in and out when doing pet battle PvP. 

The addon allows you to name your teams whatever you like so if you look at the screenshot you can see one of my teams is called "No-No team". No-No is one of the beasts of fable which I had the most trouble with when I started out. Even using the 'cheat' team you see in the Beasts of Fable team I still wasn't able to beat him. I finally found a team which worked for me but the next time I visited him I'd completely forgotten which three pets I'd used to beat him with! Thankfully now with this addon I've got that covered! 

It even adds two handy buttons to the bottom of the panel which allow you to heal and revive your pets. My bags are constantly messy with gear and profession mats so I usually struggle to find my bandages in between fights. This panel lets me quickly use a bandage without having to look for them! You can dismiss the additional panel when you're not using it by clicking a button at the top. 

I'm slightly averse to addons and I recently lost my hard drive. Once I reinstalled World of Warcraft I only picked up the few addons that I deemed need able to play! Pet Battle teams was one of those addons though I do keep meaning to pick up the pet breed addon. For now I just can't live without Pet Battle teams! 

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