Friday, 6 September 2013

Alt Appreciation Week Three - Hunter

Lae from World of Lae has come up with awesome idea of celebrating all of the classes in World of Warcraft one by one, each week! You can find out more about it and a list of participants in this thread.

Hunter Week  

Gosh I love my Hunter! I'd consider her my second main or at least my main alt. She was originally created as a form of escape but I ended up falling head over heals in love with her.

At the time I played a Protection Warrior and was one of the very few tanks in my guild who logged in during non raid times. That meant I was in demand, I'd log in and instantly receive whispers asking me to tank Blackrock Depths to help someone get their Molten Core attunement or Scholomance. I never really minded but sometimes I just wanted my play time to myself. The forty man raiding guild I was in had several chat channels to keep everything separate during raids /guildtanks /guildhealers for example. Each class had their own channel and despite me being a Warrior I ended up being invited to the Hunter channel. I never particularly got on with any of the other Tanks in the guild but I felt at home with the Hunters. When it came for me to create an alt to hide on Hunter was my first choice as so many of my friends played one. 

My Hunter became my second character to hit level 60. I decided that I wanted to move away from my Warrior full time and my Hunter became my main! She was my first character to reach level 70 when The Burning Crusade launched and I even began raiding on her but sadly it was short lived. I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed solo play on her. I had terrible pet control and at the time I just wasn't a very good player. I didn't use keybinds which worked fine when I was tanking as very little was actually involoved but with my Hunter I really felt the difference, falling behind everyone else. I felt terrible and took a bit of a break from raiding choosing instead to level my Priest.

Cheeky lae!
I'm not the worst Hunter in game these days, I know to turn off pet growl in group situations. I know to dismiss my pet before I leap off of a cliff but I'm definitely still not the best Hunter. Today for example while farming Giant Dinosar Bones with Lae I began to wonder why I was only doing 40k DPS, we'd killed dozens of Raptors before I discovered when I changed spec from Survival to Beast Mastery I hadn't put my aspect back on. Oops! Once I noticed I was back to doing my normal 70-90k. I'm happy to announce this is a very rare occurrence.

While I have eight level nineties I only run raid finder with my Priest and Hunter because they're definitely my two favorite classes. 

Noel and Terry.
I have two favorite pets. Noel and Terry. Noel is one of my oldest pets whom I tamed the second I could. He's not rare but he's special to me. He was the pet of choice for Dysphoria who did the Hunter v's world series way back in Vanilla. I was so impressed by her, I wanted to be just like her when my Hunter grew up! Terry on the other hand I was just lucky to stumble upon!  


Shoulder - Coral-Barbed Shoulderpads
Chest - Masterwork Breastplate
Belt - Masterwork Girdle
Legs -  Masterwork Legplates
Hands - Radiant Gloves
Feet - Boots of the Renewed Flight
Weapon - Giant's Bane


  1. I have forgotten to replace my aspect many times. Though, I am vary aware of not having Pack on when in combat! Same with growl. I guess I'm more aware when there's other people invovled, but when it only affects me Im less observant.

  2. Lol, I was (as usual) trying to be funny, and didn't mean my joke bad in any way. xD Cheeky Lae is the right phrase I think...