Saturday, 24 August 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day Twelve and Thirteen.

Nev from Auction House Addict has created a community project for the gold makers among us 20 Days of Gold Making You can find a list of all of the participants in this blog post at AH addict.

The question for today is;

"Your biggest "oops!" moment and your biggest "yay!" moment.

I'm going to combine day twelve and thirteen as my biggest oops and yay were one in the same!

For Cataclysm my fiance and I pre-ordered our copies of the game online. Most of our guild got theirs the day before release so as soon as the clock hit midnight they were all able to go explore Cataclysm zones and start leveling. But ours hadn't come. Mine eventually came late afternoon on the day of release but my boyfriend still hadn't showed up, nor did it the next day. I felt guilty playing any of the new content so I decided instead to play around with my level fifty Paladin on another server.

Given that the new expansion had just hit I decided to have a poke around on the auction house and see what kind of prices all of the new mats were going for as they're typically a few hundred gold per stack. My jaw hit the floor. There was fifty something stacks of Elementium ore on bid with no buyout for 1g a stack as well as seventy odd stacks of Whiptail from the same seller again with no buyout but a bid price under 1g. I've never clicked so fast! I stalked the auction house for a few hours and I won all of the auctions. I was ecstatic! Flipping all of these mats for the inflated new expansion prices would get my baby Paladin thousands of gold! That was my biggest "yay!" moment.

Unfortunately my biggest "oops!" moment wasn't far behind. See on this new server all of my usual names were taken. Korla was taken which is always my go to name for my little Priesties. Amadri, my usual Paladin name had also been taken, Leala was taken! Argh! Every name I usually use was taken due to it being a much larger server than I was used to. I settled on Lealla for my Priest and Lounie for my Paladin. Once I had won all of the auctions for the Cataclysm materials I had to send them off to another alt due to Lounie simply being unable to carry it all. I sent everything to Leala to repost at the correct price.

Wait, what? Wait, WAIT! WHAT? I quickly logged onto Lealla to find no mail. I had missed an "L". A quick armory search showed that Leala was taken by a low level troll. I quickly sent an in game mail to the character asking if I could have my stuff back. I never got a response. I checked the armory every couple of days and the character didn't seem to be leveling.

Thirty days after the original mail I logged in to my Paladin to find my mailbox full of the materials I'd accidentally sent! The mails I had sent to the random troll had all expired and my items had come back to me. Sadly they were no longer selling for the amount that they were in the first week or two of the expansion but they still net me a hefty profit.

I still got a happy ending and I immediately started using Postal as you can select your own alts from a drop down list.

I imagine if the original seller of the mats has a gold blog, their biggest oops would be accidentally listing all of their auctions under 1g! Poor thing.

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