Sunday, 2 September 2012

Priest Tier transmog with a difference.

Recently I've been playing both my Warrior and Paladin a lot. Being plate wearers they have the option to transmog to some plate skirts but I tend to keep them in full pants. Tanking in a dress doesn't feel quite right to me. With that I've started looking at cloth legs a bit more. There are no Priest tier sets which don't use a robe, same with Warlock.  Mage Tier eight is the only tier set in game which uses a tunic and pants model.

There are some gorgeous legs out their for Priests especially so I decided to build some outfits around two of my favourites for today. I'll post another two in a couple of days. You can find the links to the items used under the pictures.

Priest Tier five legs.

I chose to wear a Tabard, something I don't usually do with Clothies as I don't think they sit right with robes. I transmogged my robe into a low level green chest which wasn't a robe and added a black shirt.

Priest Tier Two legs.


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