Friday, 31 August 2012

Patch 5.0.4! DO ALL THE THINGS!

The much anticipated Patch 5.0.4 finally arrived and holy shit is there a lot of stuff. Thankfully my patch went though without a hitch although my Twitter feed was filled with multiple tales of friends having to completely uninstall and re-install their game.

Patches as large as this one, with so many new toys to play with can be really overwhelming for people with lots of alts. I found myself completely lost for a few minutes when I first logged in. Starting at my character selection screen with no idea where to start.

I dabbled around with auction house stuff on my Scribe, learning new glyphs, posting two of every glyph as well as a whole load of Dust of Disappearance and I pretty much walked away from it for most of the day. While I'd consider myself a 'gold maker' on patch days my priorities usually lie with poking around the new things! I cancel and reposted my undercut auctions two or three times during the day.

I logged into most of my 85's gave them a spec, glyphs and headed over to Utgarde Pinnacle. While not exactly challenging content it gave me time to try out some of the new spells and a chance at the ever elusive Blue Proto-Drake.

Although it provided me with some of the information I was looking for and I got to have a play around I was completely overwhelmed with all of the information and my brain slowly went into meltdown.

So I've devised a plan! Instead of doing what I usually do which is typically bounce from character to character in quick succession, a battleground on my Hunter, Looking for raid on my Mage, transmog farming on my Priest. I'm going to focus on one character for two to three days. Playing solely that character while I get to grips with all of their different specs properly. While I usually pick things up pretty quickly, picking up ALL THE THINGS on every character is crazy!

My Paladin is level 83 at the moment so she seems like the best option as I've been playing her quite a lot recently anyway. So far Protection doesn't feel much different, I'm loving having Sacred Shield back! Over the next few days I'm going to try out Holy as I haven't played Holy since really early in Wrath of the Lich King. I've never been very good at (or a fan of) melee DPS but I'm sure I'll check out Retribution just to see how the changes feel.  I'm hoping to hit 85 tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying AOE looting it's amazing that WoW has gone for so long without this feature. It's taking some time to get used to, my hand keeps automatically trying to loot the next corpse!

How did your patch day go? Did you make a ton of gold, loving or hating your new talent system? Leave me a comment or you can send me a tweet @SocoWow.

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  1. I'm not really enjoying it thus far to be honest. As if Hunters weren't OP enough, the new changes made me indestructible (no dead zone & any pet can be a tank) AND a DPS powerhouse. Now, since that makes me top DPS charts, I shouldn't complain, but it also eliminated *any* feeling of challenge from the game. I'm going to have to start soloing endgame Northrend HCs and early Cata instances just to get back the feeling of "something might actually HURT ME".

    I logged into my Priest briefly, went "yeah no" and then went back to my Hunter. Every two hours or so her pets disappear and the game claims I have none tamed. You can imagine how much RAGE AND DESPAIR AND FEAR (must feel ALL THE FEELINGS!!) I felt when I suddenly lost the 70+ hours of camping worth of uniques and couldn't get them back for like half an hour!

    AOE looting, I like, although it only loots a limited # of corpses at a time. I tested that in Karazhan! :D A roomful of guests takes two clicks to loot. SO MUCH WORK OMG...