Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day two. WoW Blogging Challenge - Why you decided to start a blog.

I've always liked blogging. I'm not much of a talkytalk person I much prefer typing. I may not be the most eloquent writer but it's something I enjoy. After getting our first home computer when I was around sixteen I was introduced to the world of blogging via a site called Xanga from there I moved onto Livejournal. I still have access to some of my old Livejournal's they're always worth a laugh if nothing else. Between the ages of seventeen and twenty I didn't have very much to write about aside from the typical "No one understands me. My heart is a black hole of despair, turmoil and woe." However I enjoyed it none the less and I made a few friends throughout my Livejournal years.

I don't know when I originally discovered there were such things as World of Warcraft blogs but one of the first I came across was a little blog called Hit the cap. It was a gold making blog written by a girl on her journey to hitting the (I believe) original gold cap. From there a whole world of blogs opened upto me and I became completely hooked. I'd say even now some days I spent more time reading WoW blogs than actually playing the game!

I created a Twitter account when it first surfaced but I never fully understood the point of it, not being one to follow celebrity gossip and having no real life friends who used it I abandoned it until a year or so later. I heard Jim from Power Word Gold mention on his podcast that they had a Twitter account dedicated to the show, the site and updates. I started to follow the PWG and several other bloggers adopting the name Soco (the name of my bank character) and I was able to join in on conversations about gold making and other World of Warcraft topics. I started to get my own followers and even people I'd consider friends. I started to feel like part of something. It was a nice feeling.

During May 2012 Bio Break started the Newbie Blogger Initiative trying to get perspective bloggers to start blogging! It was something I'd always considered. Twitter was great but it's very limited as to what you can actually do with it. While I didn't join the NBI I did start at the same time thanks to a friendly push and I'm super glad I did.

As I mentioned in my introduction post I suffer from Anxiety / Panic disorder which means I struggle to get out of the house as much as I'd like. Blogging about World of Warcraft gives me something to concentrate on. It's one of the main things in my life that is pretty positive and that I still find incredibly fun. Being able to share my experiences, adventures and transmogrifications with the people who like to read about them makes me incredibly happy. It'll also be something to look over in the future. I'm not really one for statistics, don't get me wrong it's nice to have a high day but I definitely blog more from myself than others. I'd love to be the font of all Priest or gold making knowledge but I'm not. But that doesn't mean I'm not still having fun!

I'd like to give a massive thanks to everyone who not only reads but retweets my posts on Twitter + Redit/r/wow.

And a special thanks to Jim Younkin Power World Gold Farli The Overcut and Nev AH Addict who gave me that little push and confidence I needed to start my own blog. You guys are amazing! <3


  1. Ermegerd I didn't realize you finally started that blog you were talking about! Good show, welcome to the community :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah I finally got around to it a few months ago. Having great fun so far!