Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day three. WoW Blogging Challenge - Your first day playing WoW.

We're onto the third day of the Soulbound - 20 days of WoW blogging challenge. I'm still in Scotland with family for a few more days and then I'll be returning back home and back to Azeroth! I've been able to sneak in a few hours of play time over the past three weeks. Admittedly it took around 4 days to fully download the WoW client between being a terribly old computer and a low strength wireless connection. With no addons and a hight of around 20 frames per second in quiet area's I've done little else than chat to friends and a bit of leveling in Outland.

I think most people look back on the first days of WoW with fondness. I do also but at the time it was mostly confusion and frustration. I'd never played a game like WoW before I had no idea what anything meant or what I was supposed to be doing. I started on a ten day trial. The first character I created was an Undead but realised I couldn't play with the person who'd invited me to play as he was Alliance. I created a Human Warlock instead "they get a pet and get to cast spells? sure! Sign me up!" Oh god. Those first few hours of WoW were the most painful experience I've ever had with a game.

At the time Warlocks had to do quests to get their pets. Your first quest as a Human was to collect a book from within a camp of bandits at Milly's farm. I died over and over with no idea how I was supposed to 'collect' this stolen book. Finally when my friend came online he explained to me that I had to mouse over the item until a cog wheel appeared. After finally completing the quest I received my Imp and then he died. I don't even know how he died, but he did. I couldn't for the life of me remember how to get him back. I tried collecting the book again (dying multiple times in the process) I visited the trainer who gave me no explanation so I did was any self respecting Warlock would do. I tried to quest without him! After a while graveyard running I thought I'd see what else World of Warcraft had to offer and off I went to explore.

I ventured into Elwynn Forest only to be eaten by wolfs and spiders. I by this point, extremely frustrated din't understand all of the fuss my friend had made over the game. Although I did meet a friendly player who warmed me as a level 4 that I shouldn't cross that bridge over into Redridge. After dying to a spider somewhere close to a mine I gave up and deleted the character, vowing never to play it again. A day or so later my friend convinced me to try instead playing a Warrior because they just hit things in the face. I was hooked at that point, I loved my Night Elf and I certainly liked smacking things in the face! Don't get me wrong she died a lot but by that point I had a slightly better understanding of what I was meant to be doing. She went onto being my main raiding character for a long time to come. I still love her although she's slightly abandoned on a dead server and a Blood Elf but I visit her from time to time.

I have more horror stories of my first week or so playing WoW but I'll share those in another post!


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  2. Hahaha brilliant! I had a giggle reading this post because I can surely relate! :D

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