Monday, 9 July 2012

Not enough time in the day.

Arrgghh I've been crazy busy this week! With the mogolympics in full swing, gearing up my Warrior a bit more and a bit of gold making here and there, busy, busy!

I love Moggit especially now that I know how to use it ahem but I generally prefer to use it only to scout out items then go and collect them. So when I'm not glued to Moggit I've been running instances or raids. I had to do the first boss in Black Morass no lie 29 times for what I had previously consider my favourite bow. It isn't my favourite bow anymore and I wish it and everyone who has it a fiery death.

In terms of gold making every thing is going well. I'm very casually getting back into my grove. Numbers are going up and that's always a good thing. I'm spending a lot of time hunting gear and rep grinding on various alts for transmog items. I'm still not utilizing my professions or time very well but that'll come once I'm a bit less busy with everything else.

Ideally I should clear out my TSM data and start a fresh. The vials of the sands I had bought and sold when I transferred servers. I'm sure the gold earned is also counted from when i transferred. Once I'm settled in a bit better I might even post some tips about making gold but in the meantime have a look at my blogroll. There are a few excellent gold making blogs in there.

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