Sunday, 15 July 2012

My daily gold making routine.

Making gold in World of Warcraft always has and probably always will take up a chunk of my play time so it's something I'll talk about here form time to time. I usually follow the same routine every day when I first log on and get most of it done before I settle down to anything else.

It's not very exciting but to be honest most of gold making isn't. From time to time you will discover a new niche market you had never thought of, something will sell for a completely unexpected price or you'll find an amazing deal. While those are great it's not something that happens every day. Making gold in Wow is mostly about patience and repetition once you have a grasp on your markets however depending on your reasons for making gold it will be very rewarding. I'll give you a bit of a run down on how my morning typically goes.

The first thing I do when I log into wow is log onto my bank character. She's a level one who's parked in Shattrath City as there is minimal lag there. I empty any expired auctions from the mailbox. I use the guide posted by Jim at Power Word Gold for buying 77-80 cata greens with Auctioneer buying up any armour piece under 70g and any weapon under 100g. I only buy and sell these items with this character along with vendor recipes and pets, she usually has around 500-1000 auctions up.  I post my new items on the auction house along with the expired items using Trade skill master.

Pie chart of items sold by my bank alt. Chart from

Next up I do my round of transmutes. I have four Alchemists at the moment (leveling a fifth) three of which have the transmute mastery giving them a chance to proc extra items. My other alchemist has potion mastery. My use of my transmutes varies from day to day. I've recently been transmuting Essence of Water into Essence of Air for use in Heirloom +Agility enchants. I keep a few scrolls on the Auction house the rest are going into a stockpile for MoP. This also shares a cool down with Transmute: Living elements and Transmute: Truegold so I tend to switch it around every few days. I use my Living elements cool down on one character to provide cheap Volatile Air for my Truegolds. I'm stockpiling some Truegold for MoP but not a massive amount.

The first character I tend to do my Transmute on is my Priest. Once I'm done I empty my mail, repost unsold gems and search for cheap Elementium Ore. I then do my Jewelcrafting daily in Stormwind. I've also started doing my Dalaran daily because I'd like to collect all of the patterns.

I log onto my Mage do her transmute, collect mail and repost. As she is my main tailor (I have two)  I check Trade skill masters crafting list for items to craft at a profit. I then do my transmute on my Warrior who is also a Tailor but I don't check hers as I haven't bought patterns on both characters.

I log onto my Shaman, transmute and do my Stormwind Jewelcrafting daily quest. I buy a Chimera's Eye with the jewelcrafting token and sell it on the Auction house.

Next I log onto my Druid. Collect mail, disenchant anything I've sent myself, repost / restock Enchanting scrolls and do a Tradeskill master destroying search for items I can buy to disenchant for profit.

Almost done! I log into my Hunter who's my Leather working alt. I'll empty my mail, repost anything that hasn't sold and check for items to craft for profit. While I'm on my Hunter I'll also see if the Alliance has recently won Tol Barad. If they have this is usually a great time to head over and skin the dead crocks and spiders people leave behind from doing their daily quests.

I'll log onto my Warlock who is my Scribe. Cancel and repost glyphs I've been undercut on for the first time of the day. This is something I'll do multiple times during the day.

I then log back onto my bank alt and go though my shopping list (snatch list) of items I know I want to buy depending on the price. I'll check for cheap herbs, leather, ore and cloth. Either for my MoP stockpile or for use in crafting. As well as a few random items. I'll make a post about my snatch list at a later date. 

Admittedly, looking though this post to non gold makers probably looks like a lot. To some other gold makers it might seem like very little. After some time and practice it's easy to get this routine down and it's all become automatic as well as picking up speed the more you do it. From there throughout my day or play time I add bits in here and there. I check The Undermine Journal and Wow Uction for quick deals, cancel and repost items on certain characters specifically glyphs.

I'm not one to babysit the auction house. I'll take time between doing heroics or leveling to check my auctions. Also with having two tailors each Wednesday I do all of my Dreamcloth cool downs (except air) because I'll always remember to do them by setting myself a specific day to do them.

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