Monday, 14 May 2012

Time for a change

Since I started playing Wow something I've always struggled with is the ability to play on multiple servers. I like to stay within my own little bubble surrounded by all of my alts. Alts I have on other servers which I don't consider my main server are often left lonely, sad and abandoned.

Having played on the same server since I started playing just before patch 4.3 was released I transferred my main along with some friends hoping to find a new home on a new server.  The server was busy, crowded even - compared to our previous old, dying server. It was great to begin with so many new faces, guilds we'd never heard of. Trade chat was constantly moving with the daily hustle and bustle, achievement runs, transmogrification gear runs, Battleground premades nothing like where we'd came from. The novelty soon wore off for me as we'd decided on a PvP server. Something I hadn't quite prepared myself for. When discussing which new server we were going to chose I thought I could handle being on a PvP server but I soon found out that I was sorely mistaken. For the past few months I've felt trapped, confined within the wall of Stormwind. I hated leveling, questing for reputation, farming with what felt like the constant threat of someone hanging over me just waiting for that free honor kill.

So I'm transferring.

You jelly of my paint skills bro?
Goodbye PvP server, hello new welcoming, friendly PvE server. I've missed being able to AFK randomly without fear of coming back to my cold, lifeless goat face buried deep into the ground.

Over the past month or two I've taken steps to securing myself a new home on this server. I've leveled a Druid, Mage and Shaman to 85 with several others waiting in the wings. I've amassed multiple professions and two guild banks. Which means I can now start preparing for Mists of Pandaria with both characters and from a gold making standpoint.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into my grove, back into my bubble.

I won't miss you.
I've had to drop myself down to under 50,000g as that is the maximum amount you can transfer with. The easiest way for me to do this was with several Vial of the Sands and many stacks of gems.

I'm excited about moving. Really excited!

What kind of server do you play on? Would you ever change server? Leave a comment or you can find me on Twitter @SocoWow

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