Friday, 18 May 2012

PvP week!

Reputation and achievement points have always been the driving force behind me doing shit I don't actually want to do. I'm a sucker for them especially rep (I'm sure there's a deep rooted psychological reason for this but we can explore that later).

Looking at my achievement summery it's glaringly obvious which side of the game I neglect. I'd love to get the justicar achievement. There are many others I could get along the way. So I've deemed this week "PvP Week!"  I thought giving it a title (albeit a not very good title) would make it feel more fun and interesting. It technically started on Monday the 14th of May however I've slacked several days only managing to do two or three battlegrounds so I'm starting over - or extending it to two weeks, whatever.

So what is "PvP week!"? I hear you wonder. It's a week (or two) in which I force myself to PvP my face off instead of idling around Stormwind or doing anything else remotely enjoyable in game (I jest I'm just awful at PvP).

"But wait, I thought you hated PvP so much so that you even transferred off of a PvP server?" Well that's not strictly true. I do enjoy controlled, organized PvP (especially with friends and some kind of voice communication). It feels very much like PvE in the sense that my main focus is playing whack-a-mole with Grid much like I would in a raid. Except instead of avoiding fire on the ground I'm trying to line of sight the Mage while also keeping a Rogue off of my back at the same time. I just don't like the "if it's red it's dead" attitude of many players on PvP servers. Preying on lower, lesser geared players. Hurtling after players who have been caught out while doing their daily quests perhaps already low on health and taking advantage of it. That's the part I don't enjoy dishonourable killing. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

The Justicar achievement requires you to gain Exalted with all three of the Alliance forces. My current reputation is as follows.

Silverwing Sentinels        352 / 12000 Honoured
Stormpike Guard             999/999 Exalted
The League of Arathor     5214 / 12000 Honoured

That's actually pretty depressing. I know I'm not going to get all of these to Exalted just by PvPing for an entire week (or two) I'm not that naive. These are pretty harsh grinds to do but I'm up for the challenge! While I'm really doing this for the reputation, to take my focus off of the daunting task ahead of me I've noted down a few achievements which I want to get in the process. I'll head out to obtain those and take any reputation and additional achievements I get as a nice bonus for now.

47,296 Honourable Kills.

Battleground wins need 100 of each.

Alterac Valley  52
Arathi basin  51
Eye of the Storm  21
Warsong Gulch  61
Strand of the Ancients  26
Isle of Conquest  21
Battle for Gilneas  2 (Troll face)

And 8 Tol Barad Wins.  Need 25.

Sporting the PvP recolour of Priest Tier 6 during this en devour just feels right.

Is there a side of the game you particularly avoid due to your own dislike or your lack of time/ability? Are you willing to just grin and bare it to get that achievement or last recipe you need from a reputation grind?

Want to take part in PvP week with me? Or your own version Send me an @ reply on twitter @SocoWow.

We'll meet back here in a weeks time to catch up on how things are going!

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