Monday, 27 January 2014

When you don't have friends to recruit, recruit yourself!

I've been quiet around these parts recently, that's due to a couple of things. I've recently started on new medication which my body doesn't seem to be liking. At the moment. Everything is at least five times harder than it should be. I'm extremely tired and I just feel, fuzzy. I'm not really sure how else to describe it. 

On a brighter note my new computer arrived today and I'm so excited! I've had this one since Wrath and at the time it was OK but not great however it was paid for by my parents so I was incredibly grateful. This time around I've purchased it myself which has given me more freedom to upgrade everything just that little bit extra because it's my own money. I'm awaiting one more part to arrive and then I'll be able to get it all set up. Squeeee!

A couple of weeks ago Stede from Late night with Stede made a blog post about making the most of doing Recruit a friend with yourself. If you've followed my blog or myself for a little while you'll know that I adore alts. But any time I move my main off of a server any alts that are left behind are effectively no longer played. With Stede's post in mind and Warlords of Dreanor somewhere around the corner and not much else to do in game at the moment. I decided to recruit a friend with myself! 

I'll be honest, I'm terrible at maths. Beyond terrible and at the moment I'm struggling for anything to make any sense let alone something I'm mega bad at. If left to my own devices I'd have done my RaF the long way. So I contacted Stede and asked him for some advice pertaining to his method of leveling and granting level's and the amazing soul that he is did the work for me!

I had to colour in the colums in paint with each of my chosen class colours because otherwise I couldn't make any sense of it, that's how foggy everything is at the moment! 

With a solid plan in place it was time to start leveling! I'm not using anything fancy just running two clients, one monitor. I have one active character who basically kills everything the other one is on constant follow just for the 300% bonus xp. I just tab between windows to pick up/hand in quests and collect quest items. There are programs out there which help with that allowing you to set up key presses which will do something on both accounts but I'm not entirely sure how those are viewed in terms of the Blizzard ToS so I've stayed away, better safe than sorry! 

So far my Shaman and leveling buddy are 63, Warlock is 60, Warrior, DK and Druid part of the plan are done. Just need to start my Mage and Paladin with their respective leveling partners. You might have noticed a few missing from that image. I already have a level 90 Priest (main) and Hunter on the server. Monk is currently 85 and I plan on using the free level 90 for Rogue. 

As part of my leveling I've been switching between questing and accepting boosts from friends! Huge thank you to 8Bitzs on Twitter. From Every Last Copper for hauling my ass though a few places! 

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