Tuesday, 7 January 2014

20 Days of Gold Making - Day Fourteen.

Nev from Auction House Addict has created a community project for the gold makers among us 20 Days of Gold Making You can find a list of all of the participants in this blog post at AH addict.

The question for today is;

"14. How much of your playtime is devoted to gold making? Do you raid/pvp/pet battle too or is the AH your main playtime?"

Gold making has always just been a side thing for me. Up until Cataclysm raiding was always my main priority. I hit gold cap just before I quit raiding during Dragon Soul and I actually made a blog post detailing my daily gold making routine looking back at it now is mind blogging how much I actually used to do compared to now! 

I also wrote a post a few weeks ago about having transferred server multiple times. In doing so I lost most of my crafting alts. As I mentioned in that post I'm contemplating moving to Horde but I'm still waiting to hear more about connected realms before I level more alts. For the moment I'll be honest and say that I actually don't make gold any more. Sure I still make some, I still flip pets from one of my busier servers to a quiet one. I still sell random bits and bobs I pick up but I'll now happily sell materials I pick up on the auction house rather than mail them to alts to craft more profitable items. 

For the moment pet Battling, PvP, reputation grinding and achievements are so much further up my list. Who knows what Warlords of Dreanor will bring though!

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