Saturday, 28 September 2013

Alt Appreciation Week Five - Monk

Lae from World of Lae has come up with awesome idea of celebrating all of the classes in World of Warcraft one by one, each week! You can find out more about it and a list of participants in this thread. 

Monk Week.

What do you mean it's not Monk week anymore? Shhhh..

Monk week didn't go to plan for me. I kept putting it off in hopes that my boyfriend would want to level with me. We had been leveling our Monks together but he started to lose a bit of interest so I stopped playing mine too! I had hoped that during Monk week we'd be able to get them to level 90 but boyfriend just didn't seem too keen. I did a few instances on my own today and got mine to 85 - that's something at least. I do plan on leveling her to 90 soon with or without the boyfriend!

I made a cute little Pandaren Monk within the first few weeks of Mists and while I enjoyed the starting area once I left I pretty much abandoned her in Westfall. A few months ago inspired by Draynee and some really cute leather mogs over on her blog I decided to remake my Monk but as a Draenei! 

Mistweaver Monk.

 As I mentioned above I've been leveling her along side my partner who has been playing a Brewmaster Monk. My goto spec when playing almost every class is any verity of healing spec. Monk healing feels very different to Priest which is my main, I was a bit iffy about the channeling aspect of the class when I first started but now I love it! She has a heal for every situation and the Healing Spheres are super cute! 

I'm really looking forward to getting her to level 90 but I'm not sure of how I'm going to do it yet. She has leveled exclusively though instances. I took a dps spec to try out once I hit 85 and I got my face kicked in multiple times in Jade Forest as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, Needs more investigation or I could only do instances while I have rested and see how long that takes! 


Shoulder - Cured Mammoth Hide Mantle
Chest - Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain
Belt - Red Belt of Unspoken Warning
Legs - Leggings of the Broken Beast
Hands - Vellum-Ripper Gloves
Feet - Monastic Boots
Weapon - Aspirant's Staff of Harmony


  1. Probably a bit late with posting this but honestly, if my Mistweaver's any indication I think you could quite easily quest in healing spec to level, stuff will die pretty fast and you will have a lot of survivability. Tai shocks me with the stuff he can take on and survive. He currently has no offspec and does everything in healing spec and serpent stance. :)

    1. Oh wow, I might have to give that a try! I find doing the daily quest quite frustrating as a healer because they always take so long to die.

  2. You're not alone! I failed to play my Monk at all during #MonkWeek. I mostly use mine as a banking character for my guild now. She's a Pandaren too and I got a little put off playing her when I realised how common Pandaren Monks are. One day I hope to re-roll her as a different race.

    1. Yeah I'm really glad I took the chance to reroll mine as something different. I'd like to play a Panda but maybe as a Shaman or Warrior!

  3. I've leveled my third monk as Mistweaver, and she's now running around Timeless Isle actually killing stuff in MW-spec, so that's definitely an option. :)