Saturday 9 March 2013

What are you doing with Sunsong Ranch, March gold blogging carnival.

Every month Cold from Cold's gold factory creates gold blogging carnival this months topic asked;

Sunsong Ranch. Songbell Sead.

"What Are you Currently doing with your Sunson Ranch / Ranches?"

I currently have six characters at level ninety. I've gotten four of them to exalted with The Tillers which means I have four sixteen slot farms open. After getting to revered with The Tillers you can purchase an item called Grand Commendation of the Tillers from Gina Mudclaw at the Halfhill Market. Clicking on the item in your bag will grant you a 100% bonus reputation account wide buff,  for all characters on that account. These commendations are available for all Pandaria factions. This means that after getting one of your characters to revered, getting the rest there is incredibly fast and easy. By getting to revered Merchant Greenfield will now begin selling special seeds allowing you to plant Motes of harmony, leather, ore etc.

As for me, my characters plant mostly the same thing every day.

Priest (JC/Alch) Hunter (Engi/LW) Mage (Tailor/Alch) plant Enigma Seed - "The enigma seed is named for its mysterious ability to germinate into a random Pandaren herb." 
Neither of these characters have any use left for Spirits of Harmony. The ore and leather seeds don't seem worth planting for me as there is always plenty of ore and leather available on my auction house. One thing I do struggle to get a hold of is herbs so this gives me a constant supply. I get on average four to six Golden lotus per character each day. I use the herbs and Golden Lotus to create flasks as well as potions as I have an alchemist with each specialty which I sell on the auction house.

Paladin (BS/mining) plants Songbell Seed - "The harmony of light and dark bell flowers on this plant has inspired Pandaren song and poetry for millenia."
The recent 5.2 patch added some new items for Blacksmiths to create, in particular some new weapons which reuse some of the models from The Burning Crusade which were otherwise no longer available. Fireguard, reborn is one of those weapons. These new weapons require Living Steel, Spirit of Harmony and Lightning Steel Ingot. I plan on creating a few of these weapons for my own transmogrification use so for the past week or two I've been planting Songbell Seed in order to obtain some Spirits' of Harmony. 

With any character not yet ninety or not yet started on their Tillers reputation I don't pay any attention to their farms. Doing the four is enough for me along with other things I do in game over time I might add in another one or two but for now I'm happy with just the four.

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