Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I bought myself a guild!

While idling around Stormwind a few weeks ago I saw someone announce in Trade chat that they wanted to sell a level thirteen guild (prior to the change to guild xp in the latest patch). I've always wanted my own guild but I could never justify the price of buying a level twenty five guild which was usually all I'd seen been advertised. I have several guild banks which are only level 1 that I use for storage but I've always wanted to have a guild at least higher than level seven for the second rank of Fast track (10% additional xp).

I bought the guild for 25k gold, down from the original 30k the seller wanted which at the time felt like a good deal for something I'd wanted for so long but could never be bothered to do myself.

Patch 5.0.4 brought a few changes to the way guilds are leveled. Previously low level characters didn't feel as though they were contributing much to the guild xp similarly doing lower level quests on a higher level character granted very little guild xp. Now doing a quest at the appropriate level grants a flat 60k guild xp regardless of level, making leveling guilds pretty easy even with a bunch of low level characters. Sadly with the patch came a few bugs in the form of repeatable quests which could be slightly abused meaning the price of guilds - especially higher level ones tanked for a few weeks but seem to be returning to normal.

The guild is currently level fifteen very close to sixteen with around fifty accounts, not all of which are active some of them had been offline for a few weeks but I don't see the harm in leaving them in the guild. They might come back someday! I've been running Super Guild Invite an addon which searches for unguilded players and with the click of a button send them both a whisper and a guild invite. I know how annoying this can be as someone who's been spammed with them upon creating a level one so I only run it once a day or every few days.

I've found it incredibly useful having all of my characters in one guild for once. As a retired raider I never felt quite right about having my main and nine other characters in a raiding guild especially at the rate of which I log in and out doing transmutes and such. Having them all in one place and being over guild level one means I can summon the guild bank no matter where I am making it easier to do my daily cool downs without having to head a city or mail each of them x amount of volatiles / essences.While farming or leveling it's also fantastic being able to summon the guild bank and dump cloth or mats into the bank.

I still use a level one guild bank with Soco which currently contains my little bit of MoP stockpile.

I don't particularly like the name of the guild but for what I felt was a good deal I couldn't really complain. Once I get it to level twenty five I may pay to change it.


  1. Grats on the Guild!

    I love all the rep you get with any toon now, regardless of level (as long as the quest is level appropriate) although the cap has been taken off so you can get a lot more than 60K which is fantastic - esp after tomorrow :D