Monday, 2 July 2012

Getting back into gold making.

Most people seem to be experiencing a bit of a lull in WoW at the moment, I on the other hand feel completely different. Since I quit raiding a few months ago I have so much extra time on my hands. While I'm really enjoying not raiding I do now have a massive list of things I need or want to finish off before Mists of Pandaria!

One of those things is getting back into gold making. When I originally hit the gold cap I had been playing on the same server for many years and had amassed multiple level 85's all with maxed professions. When I later transferred off of that server I quickly began to feel lost when it came to gold making. I had no alts on my new server to back me up, I couldn't shuffle ore effectively. I had no awareness of the markets and to top it off I had to leave the majority of my gold back on Quel'Thalas as guild transfers weren't available yet.

I saw no use in continuing to make gold on Quel'Thalas as I had no need for the gold over there with no intention of playing any of those characters ever again, so I kind of just.. stopped altogether.

Quick! Steal it all while no one is looking!

Since I don't make gold just for the sake of making gold I actually enjoy it I started to add a few things into my routine to get myself back on track. Buying and selling transmogrification items, selling Cataclysm level 77-80 green armour. Sniping awesome deals from the Undermine Journal's great deals list.

Cataclysm 77-80 greens. 
Fast forward a few months and things are looking up certainly going into MoP more prepared that I was. I have several level 85's on my new server all with maxed professions and I've even started stockpiling for MoP. I'm currently sat (around) 480300g liquid. 

I still have Blacksmithing to finish off but my baby Paladin is only level 55. I have two Jewelcrafters, six alchemists, enchanting, mining and skinning. Two tailors, one leather worker. The only thing I'm missing is engineering but I have no desire to pick that up on any of my characters. 

A lot has changed since I stopped making gold being that I'm now on a crazy high population server (with several well known gold makers might I add!) but here's hopping it's as easy to fall back into as it was originality!

Wish me luck.


  1. These are all great ideas. I am new to Gold Making and haven't been doing professions but used the other markets you listed. Also if you are into transmog, you usually will find great markets on Roleplay servers.

    1. Yes I've heard that. I'm currently on a PvE server but It's really high pop so the sales are still pretty often.

      Professions are a great way to make gold with lots of cooldowns like alchemy, tailoring etc. People will always need gems, enchants, potions etc.

  2. I have jumped back into the transmog too. Check out the Bonechewer set -- it is a nice replica of the blood elf rogue starting zone set.

    1. Oh, I'll keep an eye out for that one. Thanks!