Sunday, 29 June 2014

My very first beta!

I woke up the other day to see my Twitter feed buzzing with news of the Warlords of Dreanor beta starting. I told my boyfriend as soon as he woke up "I know, I got an invite" "...". The only e-mail I had from Blizzard was offering me 50% off of WoW. Way to break my heart Blizz! Thankfully a few hours later I also got an invite! I've never played in any of the expansion betas and I can't remember ever opting in for any of them besides WoD.

I started it up last night for the first time. Sadly as I'm from the EU and the only servers available at the moment are US servers I can't copy a character over.* I made a pre-made Priest, grabbed a Shadow and Disc spec, threw together enough key bindings to be able to play and headed in the same direction as everyone else! Unfortunately I was unable to hand in my first quest so I packed it in for the night after having a little run around.

There are so many excellent changes added to the interface options. The key binding windows all have their own section instead of the old mishmash which is a welcomed change. Raid graphics has it's own section. I'd have loved that with my old computer which was essentially a potato.

Logging in this morning I was able to abandon and redo my first quest and was also able to complete it. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with the beta. I've only visited a small corner of Shadowmoon Valley so far and it's incredibly beautiful. Part of me wants to not touch it and leave all of it until live but I keep doing "just one more quest". Why did I opt in if I wasn't willing to test it?

Garrisons are one of the aspects of WoD I was looking forward to the most. While there has been a lot of lag, many DC's and completely random phasing it's still been incredibly fun. I've started questing and even started my Garrison.

While it's beta it's very similar to an expansion launch and holy cow, people are ruthless! I'm one of those people who if I see someone fighting a mob right next to a vein or on top of it, I presume they're going for the vein and I'll leave it. One of the first quests requires you to click on flags next to trees. The trees are of course surrounded by mobs. As soon as you get into combat with them someone will inevitably come in and yoink your flag. Bloody scoundrals.

Did you opt in for the beta? Did you get lucky? What do you plan to do with it, explore the whole thing or just little bits, exploration?

*Correct me if I'm wrong


  1. Aloha! Nice to see you writing :D I'm personally going to look at the Professions side of things, and also focus on the Dungeons and Raids! Is it me or does the Alliance zone look sooo much nicer than the horde one? :P

    1. I got lumped with Skinning and Alchemy on my Premade. Do you know if you drop it, do you start back at 1 or go straight to 600? I'll need to make a Horde to see the other side!

  2. Nice to see you got in, I wasn't that lucky, so I hope to get in on one of the next waves, really curious about garrisons as well, pet battles and professions as well.